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Technical innovation

Technological innovation
Technological innovation is the source of supporting the rapid and sustainable development of the purple light chemical industry, and it is also the core competitiveness of the purple light chemical industry.
Technology innovation strategy:
We adhere to the hydrocyanic acid and its derivatives as characteristics, seize the international cyanide derivatives gradually to the domestic transfer opportunities, key breakthrough, development of generation, reserve generation, providing support for the company's rapid and healthy development;
The adjustment of product structure, optimize the upgrading of existing products, quality and technology of energy saving, to create "quality engineering", enhance the competitiveness of products;
The use of core technology, tracking the forefront of international development, to continue to adhere to the development of hydrocyanic acid as the leading high value-added, high-tech content to fill the gaps in the fine chemical products, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology companies, shortened and developed countries the gap between the level of technology, continue to maintain China cyanide industry vanguard position in technology;
The research and development of "practical technology for waste treatment, the development of recycling economy and clean production technology;
The Chinese build first-class cyanide research platform, become the industry pioneer and technology innovation demonstration unit.
Open innovation model: adhere to the independent research and development of purple chemical core technology, extensive development of domestic colleges and universities, research institutes and high-tech enterprises and technological cooperation, formed in HCN and the technical field of derivatives competitiveness, out of a push for sustainable development of the enterprise integrated innovation road.
The establishment of a joint laboratory: the company has established a joint laboratory with Southwestern University and Sichuan University to give full play to the scientific and technological resources of school and enterprise and promote technological innovation.