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[Party and mass activities] The "nineteen major" spiritual propaganda teams in the purple light chemical industry

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2017/11/23 16:29
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According to the requirements of the Party committee at the higher level, for the rapid lifting of the company's learning and propaganda and implementation of the party's "Nineteen big" spirit craze, the Party committee of the company set up the "Nineteen big" spiritual propaganda team.
The captain of the propaganda team was held by Zhong Yanlin, the Secretary of the Party committee, and the member of the team was a member of the submission team, which was responsible for the full coverage of the subsidiary company. Party committee secretary Zhong Yanlin, deputy secretary and chairman Gong Xiaochuan, deputy secretary, general manager Xiong Zechun and other company leaders will be introduced to the production base separately.
In the face of point, surface, solid, heart and other ways through publicizing, the spirit of the party's "big nineteen" in violet chemical into the brain and heart, air plant. Propaganda work will be completed by December 15th.