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[Party and mass activities] Comrade Gong Xiaochuan, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the joint-stock company an

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2017/11/28 16:05
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According to the requirements of the higher level Party committee and the nineteen spirit of the Communist Party of China, in November 24th, comrade Gong Xiaochuan, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, the chairman of the company and the company's Party committee, announced the "Nineteen great" spirit of longevity purple international propaganda.
Preach the meeting, to the party's palace Dong "Nineteen" report, from the party's "Nineteen" theme and main achievements, a new era of Xi Jinping China socialist ideology, China's social contradictions change eight aspects of the party's "Nineteen" spirit made a comprehensive system and simple interpretation to let the spirit of the party's "Nineteen" landing implement, into the brain and heart.
After the lecture, the cadres and workers said, to study and implementation of the spirit of the party's "Nineteen" as the primary political task of the current and future periods, in-depth study to go in front, for example, carefully read the original report, be internalized in the heart, outside of the line; in promoting the implementation of walking in front of, for example, according to the company party, the spirit of the party's "big nineteen" to the implementation of the work, the implementation of the action, put the ideological unity, cohesion, responsibility, combined with the daily production work, the implementation of the tasks, let the "big nineteen" in the spirit of the joint-stock company and air plant.