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[Party and mass activities] The total Ziguang chemical held in November, the theme of the party day activities

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2017/11/28 16:12
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In November 24th, the company Party branch members held November "theme party day" activities in the 12 floor conference room.
The company secretary of the Party committee Comrade Zhong Yanlin's leadership, all members of the first face of the flag solemn oath, relive the party oath. Then we learn a new version of "China organization", "China master the constitution of the Communist Party of self-discipline criterion" and "the Communist Party under the new situation on the political life of the party" and "several criteria to general secretary Xi Jinping important speech reading series", "" to convey the CPC Chongqing medical Holdings (Group) company spirit notice on the strict implementation of the committee "the relevant requirements of the ideological work of the spirit of" file.
Party members and cadres of staff said that the party constitution, learning series important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping and the medical group file through the theme of the party day activities of learning system, strengthen their own self-cultivation, firm ideals and beliefs, remember yourself as a member of the mission, based on their own work, better in the actual work of the Communist vanguard an exemplary role.